Saturday 23 January 2010

Casual party outfit

I'm going to one of my boyfriend's friend's birthday party tonight, but I didn't want to dress all up tonight so I've ended up with this very casual outfit. Got the tank top from monki (very cheap!) and the earrings from glitter.


  1. Jeg er helt vild med din t-shirt!
    Hvor er den fra?:)

  2. wow i like that top, ive just found your blog and im following it :)

  3. @fialberte
    Trøjen er fra monki ;) den kostede kun 80 kr.

    Thank you so much! :)

  4. super fint outfit!
    ög din blog er cool!er fast læser (-:
    tjek min blog hvis du har lyst?

    - tanna

  5. I love that top! Do you know where I can buy it online?

  6. No, unfortunately you can only get it in the store, so unless you live in Denmark or Sweden, then It's probably not available.
    lovely blog :)


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