Friday 19 February 2010


Bonjour my dear readers! Thank you all for your concern about me being sick. I'm still ill, but I'm getting better :)
This is an alternative post where I am going to introduce you to something you may not now. In Denmark we have an annual tradition called fastelavn. It's much like Halloween, but without the spooky stuff and the pumpkins. It's a tradition for the children, where they dress up as anything really and they go trick or treat door to door singing "Fastelavn er mit navn" which means: "Fastelavn is my name". Somewhere in the day, the children gather to hit a barrel filled with candy, and the one who makes the barrel fall down, gets the title as the Cat King or the Cat Queen. It's a wonderful day where we eat buns with a sort of cream in it and have loads of fun. But what would this post be without a real life example of one of these dressed up children? So there you go (bottom picture) . I wonder who the girl dressed up as a princess is? ;)
This fun stopped for me in fourth grade, where none of my friends wanted to trick or treat any more. That's about 8 years ago now. But this year, fastelavn is coming back, still standing strong! Some of my friends and I are having a Fastelavn party next saturday, so I am again going to experience the fun of dressing up and being crazy as a child! I wont say what I'm going to be - but it's gonna be good! I'll post it here of course ;)
Hope you are all well and fine!


  1. Oh SUCH cute idea! It's sounds like so much fun. I love your little princess outfit (as you can guess from my name haha) I can't wait to see your post and what you'll wear this fastelavn. The collage is really pretty BTW
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  2. it is a great idea!
    awesome collage, it looks fantastic.
    And show us what you'll wear for the partteeeeeeey!

    ha ha:)


  3. Great idea!:)

    The collage is amasing!

  4. awesome blog! your pictures are colorful and fun! :)


  5. Love the peacock feather mask and your little princess outfit is so CUTE!!!! I wish we had something like that in australia....

  6. love the collage

  7. Thanks for telling us about this awesome tradition! It's so cool! Love your blog. :)


  8. Fasterlavn is awesomee !! love your blog :)

  9. that sounds really fun. oh, and i like your collage, very fun to look at!


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