Saturday 13 February 2010

Henrik Vibskov A/W 2010

I went to the Henrik Vibskov fashion show last evening, with my expectations way up high. Since the doors opened 45 minutes after the show was originally meant to start, I was more excited than ever. The show was held in a big old butcher hall very close to the center of town. The runway was formed as a U with big wood installations hanging down from the top leading the mind on new modern woods without leaves. The show began to the sound of fusion jazz and the ruling colors and trends throughout the collection were black, curry yellow, beige and tartan. A strong item in the collection was the thick fabric tarter sowed onto some of the tights.
I was a little bit disappointed after the show; I definitely feel there was more creativity within Henrik Vibskov - but all in all it was a nice collection with tones that led the mind onto a lumberjack in the woods. The shoes were fantastic and also what was on everyones lips after the show; a pity, since they were sponsored by Grenson. Oh - and as a finishing comment, I love the gray trouser suit seen in the bottom; very beautiful!


  1. Love this collection. The tartan coats and the glasses and shoes just look super cool!

  2. nice cool collectionsa

  3. thanks for the nice comment on my blog. def. following you on bloglovin, hope you'll do the same!

    talk soon,

  4. Great post and insight.. :) xo

  5. Great job on the collage, it looks great& it's very creative!
    (true, the grey trouser is pretty)

    :) hope you'll stop by

  6. Love your blog!


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