Friday 19 March 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw obsession

The 22 year old Australian has conquered the pages of many fashion magazines and campaigns, and I can understand why! Her big eyes and the charming spaces between her teeth is what she is known for. Besides that, she has a great taste in style! These are some of my favorite pictures of her.


  1. Love abbey lee!
    she's one of my favourite models!!!

  2. I've met abbey a few times, shes got such a unique spirit - and the best skin ive ever laid eyes on!

  3. I love Abbey Lee also! I watched an interview of her on youtube which made me fall in love with her personality as well.

  4. i think she is really obsession
    and i love alot of pictures with her
    one of my favorite is from Vogue Russia (march ,i guess) ,the ninth picture in your post
    and she also has such an uniqie personal style


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