Thursday 29 April 2010

Welcome back internetsy! :)

Dress and shoes: Zara, stud-bracelet: Friis & co., Ring: Glitter, belt: vintage
Back from no-internet land! Yay - how glad I am!! I suddenly realize just how important internet is in 2010! Remember when I was a little girl, I could only go on the internet at my mother's work. Used as long as I could on the Barbie website - a treat I only had a few times. And now I'm not just depending on it - I'm obsessed with it! Anyway, wore this at birthday party last weekend :)
Hope your'e all having a great time ;)

Endelig, endelig har jeg fået internet derhjemme igen, så nu bliver der heldigvis ikke så langt mellem indlæggene her på bloggen. Hav en rigtig god Store Bededag i morgen allesammen, håber I nyder den med varme hveder :)



  1. That amazing dress looks fablulous on you!!^^

  2. You look beautiful. Great dress!

  3. Love your blog and your outfits are adorable!
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  4. beautiful dress!! :)
    i love your blog!!


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