Monday 17 May 2010

Should they stay or should they go now?

Wearing: corsage: self-made quickie, trousers: H&M trend, shoes: bianco
I hope everyone had a merveilleux weekend - I've sure had my part of it. I've been dancing for 11 hours all together, since I'm on a showdance team who has to compete for the Danish championship on Sunday! I am wrecked as anything now - and so is the economy. I have no money whatsoever, and what I have is only meant to be used for the absolute necessities. Even though I'm very aware of this, these H&M pants ended up coming with me home. Who can resist the beautiful chinese flower pattern and the golden tassels? Anyway - I want to know what you think! Should these pants stay with me, or should I return them and get the money back?

Selvom jeg ingen penge har, endte de her bukser altså alligevel med at komme med mig hjem. Prismærket er stadig på, så hvad synes I? Er de værd at beholde?



  1. love it !!

  2. they look lovely on you, but do you think they will stay in style for very long? i feel as though the trend of them may fade quite fast. If it was me, i'd return them. But only you know what your heart is telling you to do! :)

  3. The pants are lovely, really... It all depends on how much they cost and how much you love them! Only you can decide! ;)

  4. i am inlove with your trousers!

  5. amazing outfit looks awesome you looks sooo cute

  6. Lovely outfit! And your blog is awesome:)

  7. Skønne billeder:)

  8. amazin post!!!!!

    cool pants and shoes!!!!!!

    ur blog is so cute!!!!

    lovely outfit posts!!!!

    pls come visit and join if u fancy!


  9. Jeg er enig med nellimarie i at de er meget moderelaterede, og de nok ikke holder så længe ,altså modevis ikke kvalitetsvis (kan man sige det? ;)).


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