Wednesday 18 August 2010

Fashion turban tutorial

Ask before borrowing these images.

Hello lovies,
I've been thinking for some months to post a tutorial on how to make a fashion turban - so here it is! Here's how to do it:

1. Curl up a scarf and place it at the back of your head.
2. Twist the two sides in the front of your forehead and tie a knot on the back of your head.
3. Cover your head with the end of the scarf from both sides.
4. Tuck the ends from the back in.

Voila! And there you have a fashion turban! No need to invest in one of the expensive ones from the designers!

xx, Mikaela


  1. Best tutorial! love it!
    regards from berlin

  2. (Is it o.k. if i write this in danish?)
    Jeg har lige lavet et indlæg om "fashion turbans" til min lille blog, og jeg vil spørge dig ad, om jeg må skrive i indlægget, at man på din blog (og et link dertil) kan læse hvordan man selv "binder" en turban?
    Love your blog !

  3. Great tutorial! I've been searching all over to find something like this. A turban is the perfect thing for covering up bad hair days and unkempt hair.

    Love G.,

  4. God idé! Hvordan ser det ud bagfra?

  5. Great tutorial! Really enjoy reading your blog.


  6. I have been searching the net to buy some turbans.. now i don't need to buys them i can reinvent all my silk scarves! thank you so much for the demo.


  7. Love this idea! I shall now try it
    Visit my blog and follow. I'll do the same in return.
    xoxo, A

  8. brilliant. bookmarking this.

  9. wish I'd found this when I was having chemo.

  10. how long must the scarf be?

    p.s. LOVE your tutorial :D Thanks for uploading!!

  11. I'm thinking about write a post about turbans, can I take your picture?
    Of course I'll name from where are the images!!!

  12. THANK YOU!!!
    I feel so excited to find this, wonderful and simple!


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