Tuesday 5 October 2010

Every girl loves a manicure..

Top photo by Cecilie

Hi lovies,

Not many photos of me recently, but thought I would share some 'nail' inspiration. The nail-art on the bottom photo is made by me on my friend (another Cecilie). I thought it was quite successful - tell me what you think.

Framboise Fashion has passed 200 readers through google, 70 through bloglovin, and I just wan't to thank everyone for following and reading! It's an on-going fun adventure to share this blog with you!

Hope you're doing great!

xx, Mikaela


  1. Tillykke!! og meget fine negle:)

  2. Kunne være fedt, hvis du ville lægge en guide ud til de nederste :) De er super flotte!

  3. @Anna - Noteret ;) Det skal jeg nok få op at køre inden længe :) og mange tak!

  4. Fabulous nail art! ;)



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