Thursday 7 October 2010

In our own pretty ways

Wearing Topshop dress

My lovely friend Emilie gave me the dress (it was a rush getting it, since I have not bought new clothes for a while!); I'll get some better snaps of it in the weekend for you to see :) Looked through my inspiration folder and found this Wassily Kandinsky painting I find so lovely. I love the colours in it!

Hope you are happy and well!

xx, Mikaela

Painting by Wassily Kandinsky (from the Wassily Kandinsky myspace).


  1. Gorgeous panting! I love the colours!
    Can't wait to see more pictures of your dress :)

  2. Really enjoyed this post as well as
    when i looked through your past ones.

    You are a real inspiration!

  3. the dress is looking very beautiful! :)

  4. you look stunning and if you are wearing red lipstick, it looks great on you <3

  5. Bold, bright, happy colours beautifully orchestrated on canvas. Happy Sunday;-)

  6. I love Kandinsky's painting!
    I really enjoyed watching all the pictures here, they're all awesome!
    Thanks for your comment!


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