Thursday 21 October 2010

Psychic - by Elle Muliarchyk

Remember Elle Muliarchyk? She is the absolute genius mind behind the dressing room photos and has since then worked on some amazing projects! Model, Meghan Collison, is starring in Elle's latest project for the Dossier's Journal. Meghan Collison was put in very different disguises and visited different psychics in New York and Brooklyn, and based on a new appearance from place to place, she got completely different fortunes! Even though Meghan didn't get a very clear insight into her future during this project, beautiful photos came out of the process for us to see! Also, there will be a movie up on NYT soon :)

If Dossier's Journal was sold in Denmark, you'd bet I'd run out after a copy!

x, Mikaela


  1. AMAZING photos! - Cecilie :)

  2. What a fantastic project! :) Love your blog btw!!



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