Monday 1 November 2010


wearing: topshop dress, photos: Cecilie

I have had the most wonderful weekend. My boyfriend can't be with me on my birthday this year because he is going to India, so he decided we'd celebrate it this weekend. It begun with sushi friday and a movie. Saturday I was pretty much left alone as he had some secret errands to do. I was heading of to dance (we're training for the world championships in Riesa) so that was perfectly fine by me. He picked me up and we went back to his place where the biggest surprise hit me - a surprise party!! He had gathered all of my friends and he and some of my friends had made the loveliest dinner and cake for later. It was just perfect. Also since I've never had/participated in a surprise party; only seen 'em on TV.

It was great!

x, Mikaela


  1. Have this dress, love it! So perfect for winter.

    You have a lovely blog lady :) x

  2. Hehe det lyder da for fedt!! :D Og smuk/ke kjole og billeder(:

  3. Sikken skøn weekend og sikken sød kæreste :)

    Kjolen er virkelig fin!


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