Sunday 28 November 2010

Why isn't she blogging??

Well... Here's why: I'm currently in Berlin trying these pore strip thingies out and they are not working. I'll repeat that - NOT WORKING!! All I got from it was a bright red Rudolphish nose!! Thought I'd share my frustration with you since I am currently connected to the mighty world of cyberspace.

My mother and I have taken the journey from Copenhagen to Germany as I had to dance at the world championship in Riesa. We entered the large production competition and we got the 6th place!! It was more than we could ever have expected I think. So further on, my mother and I took a roadtrip up to Berlin and... Everything is closed! Weekday, American Apparel, the cool second hand shops and everything!! Anyway, I had my first trip to Starbucks!! Picture below shows the two cups of hot chocolate that saved us from freezing away.

Two of my lovely team mates, Ida and Louise, in our DK shirts at the world championships in Riesa. It was a very long and exhausting day.


Lots of love to everyone,



  1. I know these things never work! You're right!^^ Have fun at Berlin...

  2. They never work! lol



  3. Cute blog! I never have any luck with those pore strips either ;-) xxx

  4. Yeah, those pore strips are always disappointing. Great idea, poor execution. I think a professional facial is the only thing that works.

    But congrats on placing 6th in the competition! Visit me again soon! :)

  5. Yea I gave up on the pore strips a while ago! You don't look like you need them though, nice blog!

  6. Pore strips work for me if I use a washcloth soaked in hot water on my nose first. Then leave it on your face for half a minute. That opens your pores so that the strips actually work!

  7. This is so funny! I were at the World Championsship, too (in Riesa, last week)
    in which competetion were you in?

    I were in showdance Adults formation :)

    Congrats with the 6th place!

  8. How funny! I was in the showdance large production category :) Then you must have been there friday also, as I?

    Congratulations with your place too!!

  9. Yes I was there at Friday, too!
    This is so funny! where do you dance? I didn't knew Denmark came at a 6th place! Really congrats :))

    / Whosthatgirl

  10. hey, did you dance the "indiana jones" dance? because then I saw you there + at DM :)


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