Sunday 19 December 2010


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Hi lovies,

I'm sorry for the fact that I haven't been posting regularly, but I'm so busy doing this big assignment for school!! Today is the last day, that I can work on it so tomorrow I'll be one free girl and a crazy blogger (I promise).. Tomorrow will be celebrated with hot cups of chocolate, last christmas shopping with my boyfriend and preparing for a christmas party at school with the lovely Cecilie!!
I for one can't wait, and I promise you that good photos will come out of tomorrow for you to see!

About those Jeffrey Campbell heels, what do you think? I think they look awesome on all the other bloggers, but when I see them at the store I fell like they look like a brick or something.. They're on the edge of absolutely amazing and horrible to me.. I can't decide? It's a war in my mind, I need your opinion ;)

I really love the simple and the colourful - like the two first ones :)

Lots of love,



  1. wow die glitzerhose ist so schön!ich weiß auch immer noch nicht ob ich Litas toll oder doof finden soll.ich würde sie mir nicht kaufen so viel steht fest, ich finde sie einfach zu hoch. aber so an anderen können sie einen echt zum staunen bringen, mit ihrem mega-plateau und dem hammer absatz!

  2. Well, I'm inlove with all the pairs, but I would definitely pick the glitter and flowerish ones. They are perfect and one of a kind.

  3. I love the dolce and gabbana pic from the runway!!

  4. Love the heels! I morgen bliver en lykkens dag ;) <3 Jeg glæder mig!

  5. IMORGEN SARAH, IMORGEN! :D Og jo, jeg elsker JC-skoene ;) vil gerne selv have et par!

  6. so so cool!!!!

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog:)
    The first blue ones are to die for and i love the flowery ones as well!
    Supercute blog, love it!
    We should follow eachother on bloglovin!
    Xo Nina

  8. Killershoes absolutely love the first one and second one, the colors are so lovely


  9. I want every. single. one. of these shoes

  10. the second pair of sand colored heels is beautiful!

  11. Wouw, elsker skoene på næstnederste billede! Mht. Jeffrey Campbell skoene, så syntes jeg også at de er lidt klodsede, men alligevel så lækre, at jeg er sikker på de vil se fine ud på, også på dig. Du ska nok bare lige vænne dig til dem ;)
    Held og lykke med beslutningen!


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