Saturday 15 January 2011

- - Love a good vintage buy - -

wearing: vintage cropped jacket, Vacuum jumpsuit, Vagabond shoes, the bag is a gift I got when I was little in Australia, Samer bracelet, H&M rings.

Hi my lovely readers,

Hope you're having an amazing weekend! I got this vintage cropped jacket yesterday for a bargain, and I'm sooo happy for it. It'll definitely be worn during fashion week :) I'm on my way now to a birthday party and I'll be dancing tomorrow at school - we're working on a musical playing the last weekend in January.

Var i en vintage forretning i går, og fandt denne fine jakke, som var et rent røverkøb! Den skal omsys en smule i ærmerne, fordi den er meget smal, men det er jo hurtigt gjort :) Jeg er på vej til min kærestes søsters fødselsdagsfest nu :) Håber I får en fantastisk weekend!




  1. i love your outfits; they are always so fresh

  2. I love this jumpsuit. It looks very well on you

  3. Wow -that jacket was such a good find! It's absolutely amazing!

  4. Just amazing!You looks so wonderful,love the jumpsuit with the jacket <3.

  5. I love your vintage jacket! It looks awesome contrasted against your dark jumpsuit

    I'm from Australia, Melbourne - come and check out my blog hun :)

  6. What an awesome jacket! It's so painterly and unique.
    Good luck with the musical!

  7. Fed, fed, fed blog! :-)

    Følger dig nu.

    Kig forbi min blog, hvis du har lyst, og måske blive fast læser!


  8. great outfit! love it

  9. You're breath taking. I mean it. You soooo beautiful!!

    x, Gina

  10. adorable. love this style!! following xo


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