Thursday 3 February 2011

Copenhagen Fashion Week - Day 1

Wearing: Asos leotard, self designed/made shirt and tassel earrings, Pieces vest, vintage clutch

I've had a slow start on fashion week which has been rather nice taken into consideration that I'm a little ill. I went to the CPH vision press show and R├╝tzou, which was absolutely amazing! I was going to wear a completely different outfit, but the comfort won over the look - it's been freezing today in Cph! Anyhow a lovely person from the Danish fashion magazine Costume came and took my picture, which was however a bit confirmatory I must say :) I saw some Danish celebrities at both shows, and it is amazing how they can change their outfits EVERY HOUR (almost). Their entire look changed from the different shows, and I know that it would take me a lot of practicing and a big bag to change my outfits as I went along. Someday maybe, who knows? :)

Tomorrow I'm up for Stine Goya, which is really exciting as it is my first time at her show!

Hope you're happy and well!

Lots of love,



  1. amazing! i looove your top and your clutch<3

  2. Love your top, so talented! Can't believe people change their outfits every hour, that's crazy :)

  3. hope you had a lot of fun at fashion week:) loving the clutch!

  4. You look so beautifull & glamourous!

  5. beautiful pictures, great blog :)
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  6. just LOVE the entire outfit! Keep up the good work :)!



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