Wednesday 30 March 2011

Wide legged pants - hot or hmm?

Scan from UK Elle by me - please credit me if you wish to use the image.

Dear lovies, you've probably heard - it's those wide legged pants again. And not just those subtle ones - but the really wide legged pants! showed some examples of celebrities wearing these really wide legged pants, and I must say I made som "Ughs". However, it did remind me of a pair of really wide legged pants, I saw in UK Elle (picture above), that I'm absolutely craving to own. These silk theyskens' theory pants are perfection in every way. Especially combined with the turtleneck and the amazing asian model. So, as to buying these silky beauties - that would be a no! My budget tells me that these stings of perfection is waay out in the future for me. If any of you buy them - please tell me, and let me live my happiness through you.
Sorry for this weak moment - but I love these pants.

Kæreste, dejligste læsere. Det er efterhåndet kommet til min erkendelse, at bukser med vidde åbenbart hitter. Jeg får automatisk flashback, til lille frøken mig i 3. klasse med de største trompetbukser med en masse blomster på. Jeg følte mig fantastisk fin i mine vidde bukser og min bøllehat, men siden dengang har jeg holdt mig langt væk fra begge. Tanken om at tage kæmpe store trompetbukser på igen er ude af spørgsmålet! Medmindre... det er disse helt overkodylt fantastiske bukser fra theyskens' theory. Jeg fandt dem i UK Elle (se ovenfor), og de har siden da vandret rundt i mine drømme. Jeg hopper ikke i vidde bukser medmindre det er dem her (jeg kommer nok til at modbevise mit eget udsagn før eller siden, but anyways).

Lots of love (and if any of you by coincidence have 425$ you want to give away or let's say "invest", please contact me) :)



  1. definetely hot!



  2. hot! elsker, elsker, elsker wide legged pants :)

  3. hot! love this photo!
    xo Cara

  4. YES YES YES!!! HOT for sure

    xx ♥ yamina.


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