Thursday 28 April 2011

White dresscode

sources: fashiongonerogue, tfs, various tumblrs.

Today is the day.
First of all the blog is now WWW.FRAMBOISEFASHION.COM . Woohoo!! I'm very excited and hope that there will be no problem with the new site.
Second of all.. I'm getting 6 teeth removed. Yup. That's right. 6. I have to get used to the "hobo" look, and I desperately wish that I won't look stupid. However, those doctors know what they're doing, and it's for the better I've been assured. And the teeth that are being removed will be back in the mouth and fortunately not that visible.

I'll be spending the next days away from the blog at home, eating enormous amounts of ice cream and so on. Wish me luck :)




  1. Congrats!

    Your blog is a big inspiration

    Alex b

  2. Congratulations! Love the styling of white in the two first photos


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