Thursday 19 May 2011

Welcome to The Stairs

wearing: vintage blue shirt, vintage belt, vintage sequin shorts bought at FN92, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, Asos handcuff, Bianco shoes, Urban Outfitters sunnies, socks I found on the table

Here's today's (or rather yesterday's) look. Went all vintage. 2 exams down. 6 to go! I can't wait to graduate - soon I'll be looking for some fashionable job, so that is mainly where my thoughts go when I don't worry about my physic grade or any other subject for that matter. Spirit high :) (My mother took the first photo. Way to go, Mum!)

6 eksaminer nede - 2 to go! Glæder mig sådan til at have huen på - d. 20. juni er dagen! :)

Lots of love,



  1. you are so cute. I LOVE this look


  2. I always always sit on the stairs :p I love it ha-ha I dont even know why!

    Gorgeous look love the blue!


  3. I adore this outfit, especially your lipstick, shades and chemise. x

  4. love the colour of that shirt! and the glasses are soooo cool!

  5. firstly, those are the best stairs I've seen... now I'm wishing that I lived in a two-storey house. secondly, that asos cuff. woah.

  6. Du ser super godt ud!
    Ps. tak for din søde kommentar på stylegallery, så lige du have en blog - det har jeg også: :)

  7. i fell in love with your shirt and the handcuff!

  8. Your style is absolutely amazing! Go Danish power :) I'm kinda jealous of your shorts, though, haha.
    Check us out

  9. what gorg pix u have! the blue top is chic xxo

  10. the colour combo could look really 80s.. (not a bad thing) - but it looks so fresh. i love that shade of blue..


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