Thursday 16 June 2011

Summer inspiration

sources: tfs on Bambi, various tumblrs

Here's a little summer inspiration. On Monday I'll graduate and my last exam is - - - - ENGLISH! There you go. I simply can't wait. I'll get myself a fancy traditional graduation hat (Danish style) and in the evening my family will be celebrating me at my favorite restaurant. In one and a half week I'll be setting the course towards the Roskilde festival, where I'll be covering the fashionable side of it. Just wait! I'm sent out for Modebevæ which is a connection of danish fashion blogs, both written in Danish and in English depending on the type.

Lots of love,



  1. The pictures in this post are amazing! Reaaly cool pictures, where did you get them?
    xo, catalina

  2. the colours and prints are so fresh and gorgeous..

  3. Love the third picture of Dree. I will never walk in the sand with Miu Miu heels, I'd be too scared damaging them !

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