Tuesday 13 September 2011


Wearing MTWTFSS Weekday sweater, MAC lipstick Lickable.

Okay, it's not what it looks like! However, I've been playing around with the thought of getting my hair cut in a shoulder length bob. Seems as if everyone is dreaming about that haircut at the moment. My hair looks exactly like it has always (relatively) done. However it's been a year since I said yes to letting anyone use a pair of scissors on my hair. As much as I feared it, it felt wonderfully refreshing feeling how soft my hair all of a sudden felt. No split ends (it's a new concept for me - late bloomer, I know)...
Tomorrow I'll post some photos of these amazing red velvet boots I bought at a flea market - I promise you, it's good stuff!!




  1. you are so gorgeous! beauty :))

  2. i think you should go for it, it looks great, and because it's not too short it will grow back quite quickly :) if not get some extensions! but i think it would really suit you x

  3. DO IT! hahah i need the courage myself.

  4. a shoulder length bob is what i'm yearning for too. do it do it!

  5. I think a shoulder length bob would look really good on you!

  6. The knit is really great.

  7. A nice sweater and looks really good on you. A agree with the comments above that you should go for a shoulder length bob.

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