Friday 21 October 2011

In the Corner

Hi lovelies!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post! I'm always excited to hear what you think! :) As you can see I'm loving my new hat!! I'm so, so happy for it. It's one of those things, where you know, that it wasn't just a buy - it was a fantastic buy, that'll make you happy for a long time.

I spent the day with lovely Cecilie and we did a little shoot for the blog (more about this will come). Actually the photos were for a competition called Styled by you, held by field's (a danish shopping center). The prize was being able to style a page in Danish Elle. I innerly wanted to be one of those lucky four, to style a page in Elle, so I planned and planned which special outfit to bring in to the competition. Just finished editing and so on here at 18:20 - and the competition was closed (at 6 'o' clock - I was 20 minutes too late). WHYYYY oh WHY? Let me just say, that it said nowhere that it ended at 6 o clock, I had to call them to discover.. Well, I had a little cry (I'm sorry for being a wimp about this, but I really wanted this). While I wept a couple of tears of my face, I said to my dad:

Me: Oh well, it's not like it's life changing.

Dad: What do you mean? Keep crying! (this was said ironically)

We had a good laugh (Australian humor, perhaps) and I am now preparing for Looklab's 1 year birthday party. It'll all be alright! :-)

Lots of love to you all this Friday!



  1. Åh, hvor er det virkelig ærgerligt for dig! Jeg deltager også i konkurrencen - for det er jo nemlig en livsændrende ting, hvis man vinder! Men jeg håber du får en dejlig aften i aften, som et plaster på såret :)

    knus fra Marie fra

  2. ØV ALTSÅ! Jeg synes det havde været fantastisk hvis du skulle lave en side i Elle. Det er virkelig ærgeligt (:

  3. Ooooh this photo is amazing and so sad the competition was already closed but there will be other (and better) opportunities! xo

  4. such a cute photo of you :))

  5. great pic !!!

    ♥ yamina

  6. Ej hvor træls! Det kunne have været rigtig fedt for dig! Flot billede btw.

  7. OH no :( actually that never happened to me but I´m sure it will sooner or later :P and I am so in love with your hat!

  8. Hvor ser du fin ud, som altid :-)

  9. I'm so sorry you missed the (invisible) deadline by just 20 minutes, and after putting so much work in as well. I'm glad your dad got you to laugh about it a little :).

    And your hat seems looooovely <3

  10. I really love those dotted tights!!


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