Monday 14 November 2011

Post Birthday

A photo from a failed photoshoot I would have posted today. The lighting was simply too poor outside to get anything good from it, but I basically wanted to share the idea I had with you. I've been wanting a red beanie for ages, and I got it yesterday from my dear friend Cecilie, whose mother had made it especially for me! Filled with pride, I'll be wandering around town with this colourful thing ! :)

Lots of love to you,



  1. That's so so cute, I love it :) and I love how it's sentimental as well!


  2. Super fed blog du er helt vild smuk gik du ikke på Sankt Annæ Gymnasium?
    Det ville betyde meget hvis du gik forbi min og evt. blev fast læser

  3. Årh hvad! Sidder og bliver helt misundelig over den seje farvede hue! O;


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