Friday 23 December 2011

My favorite nailpolishes

From left: Parma Violet by Topshop, Too Hot to Handle by Sparitual, Depend nail polish in colour no. 20
Elixir by Sparitual, Party of Glitters by Wet n Wild, Nubar nail polish in colour G188, no. 9 from TIGER

Hiya lovlies! I hope you're enjoying the day before Christmas!! I promised I'd make a post on some of my nail polishes. These are my favorite at the moment. The nail polishes by Sparitual are vegan - isn't that amazing? I never knew they even made that - or that it even could be made vegan! If you have any questions you just let me know :)



  1. I like the three of the first picture and the second one on the second picture! The rest is not really my style.


  2. Hi Mikaela, I am currently blogging an entry about Christmas and I love the second image you take here a lot. I wonder if I could have your permission to feature that image in my entry? I will credit your blog with the hyperlink. Thanks and wish you a merry christmas!

    Patrick @

  3. Just saw your quick reply!
    Thanks for your generosity :)

  4. glitters glitters lots of glitters)
    adore this too))


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