Thursday 26 January 2012

Jean Genie | Lena Modigh

I'm sorry for being a bit out of reach. I've been so busy with my work these days, that I really haven't had the time or even worse the energy to do anything else. Fashion week is coming up in next week and the preparation work must be done. However, when I got home yesterday, I had to jump up and down (in my mind - physical activity is out of the question atp) when I saw this photo shoot by Lena Modigh. First I was loving this girl's hair, but then I discovered her braces - that just put me in the good mood box, where I'm still sitting. After work I met up with one of my darling friends, Rosa, who pointed out that I'm the only one feeling like an alien (just at times, you know). All of a sudden I feel good. Still tired, but good :)

Hope you're doing well!



  1. i LOVE her hair!! and braces can be very attractive, as long as you're confident!
    january, x

  2. Hey, ved godt det ikke lige handler om dit indlæg, men ville hører om du har nogle forslag til hvor man køber flotte festkjoler? Skal til en stor fest om et par uger og kan ikke komme på nogle goder butikker. Vild med din stil!

  3. omg she's gorgeous! she has the prettiest hair i've ever seen

  4. Wow hendes ben er fantastiske.
    God weekend!
    xo Victoria


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