Saturday 28 January 2012

Workedy, workedy, work

Hat from Ganni

Gosh, what a week! This has indeed been one of those weeks where concealer and coffee have become my two new best friends. I've been so, so busy with work. As you know, I'm interning for Max Mara and as fashion week is coming up I've been doing lots of preparation work there. This hasn't been all though, at evenings I'm working in a restaurant in town. I'm looking so much forward to fashion week next week, but I predict that sleep will become a rare commodity. This doesn't leave a lot of space for blogging next week, but I'll be sure to take lots of potos (photos) so that when I go into fashion-week-recovery-mode there'll be lots and lots of material and good stuff to share :) I'll do my very best to keep it going though !

Lots of love to you,



  1. This is a really pretty foto!
    You're always good looking.. :)

  2. you are so pretty! that is so cool that you intern for Max Mara! can't wait to see the behind the scenes of fashion week!

  3. fab internship! you're pretttyyyyy :)

  4. dejligt billede, held & lykke!
    Jeg gl├Žder mig til at se billederne.

  5. What a busy week! Good luck for next week - I can't wait to see the photos!

  6. sounds like a whirlwind, good luck with everything! make the most of it!
    january, x


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