Thursday 2 February 2012

Photos by me from the Stine Goya show earlier today. One of my favorite things about her show is the show pieces she uses to make the whole thing come together. Just when you thought you were through with your freckles, SG updated the look with amazing small metal pearls as a face-accessory - it's like SUPER FRECKLES (something to try out, eh?). Sorry for not posting more photos, but I had adjusted my camera incorrectly and most of my photos turned out overexposed.



  1. smukke, smukke billeder!
    xx sophia

    tag et kig forbi:-)

  2. Cool photos you took there! I like the little touches that designers tend to slip in every now and then to showcase their innocent sense of humor. The freckles are so cute!

  3. obsessed with the popcorn sweater and i love the makeup, so cool

  4. Virkelig fine billeder, er stor fan af stine goya!

  5. This looks pretty awesome! I'll take another look at what goes on at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
    Lovely post on a lovely blog. Absolutely Fantastic!

  6. Dejlige billeder. Sej titel med de skiftende farver! Hvordan gør du?? :)

    xx Marine


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