Saturday 25 February 2012

Purple haired Beauty

Photos by me. All rights reserved.

Met up with Stine today for a cup of Saturday coffee. She was looking amazing with her newly-dyed purple hair and her Atacomas. She went to prom yesterday (with purple hair, how awesome is that??). I remember my prom last year. It was a really nice evening. The best thing though was driving with my friends in an Aston Martin in racing green. Ever since I've been dreaming of the day where I'll be lucky enough to own a sports wagon, haha. :)

(Yes, I did notice that funny lock of hair on the last photo of me and Stine. It was so windy today, that I gave up having any control of my hair whatsoever).

Lots of love to you,
xx Mikaela


  1. Love her hair colour! Shes made me want to dye mine!

  2. Beautilful giiirls!

  3. Her hair colour looks really nice! So does her shoes! BTW both of you look lovely.x

  4. oh my god , these shots are great!
    and I´m quite jealous of Stine´s Atacomas! ;)

  5. Both of u look fabulous and the purple hair rocks! :)

    Hope u have a lovely sunday!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  6. Fantasktisk hår hun har!
    Mikaela, jeg tænkte på at spørge dig om hvor du havde købt den farve du puttede i dine spidser? For jeg vil gerne prøve en anden farve i mine spidser nu :)

  7. beautiful!
    i don't know many people who look as pretty as stine with purple dyed hair.

  8. You two are both simply stunning!

  9. love your friend's hair! so much fun

  10. oh the things i would do to my hair if i didn't have a corporate job...

  11. Faldt lige over din blog, og IH hvor er den fin. Smukke, smukke billeder!!!



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