Saturday 10 March 2012

Bianco SS 12 - Breakfast at Polhem PR

This model also comes in black. I was so close to getting it.

But instead I took these girls home with me.

They also come in seafoam.

Amazing bag for SS 12.

Had me one of these. Got chocolate all over. Yum.

Always beautiful Emilie.

Camilla from Bianco and Charlotte from Polhem

Lovely girls Katarzyna from SUS and Pia from Polhem.

Met sweet Emilie yesterday.

Celine's amazing nails.

Yesterday I got up early to go have breakfast at Polhem PR, where I besides from being in good company came to see the Bianco SS 12 collection. I really liked the collection and I ended up getting a pair of classic black stilettos with me home.

Lots of love,

Sarah Mikaela


  1. I wouldn't mind having me them seafoam pumps. I have to get the mustard bag for my arms!

    Lovely blog-entry.


  2. Love the shoes. I really need the 2nd bag! :-)
    Elsker stadig din blog!

  3. Lovign those gold sneakers and the pointed heels!

  4. What a wonderful collection of shoes. Really like the gold trainers.

  5. Omg sweet AND TIRED Emilie..
    Det var godt at møde dig :)

  6. Elsker din blog altså! Lækre sko!

  7. Your post had me smiling and dreaming from the moment I laid eyes on the gold trainers. What great shoes!

  8. love all the shoes pictures here!! amazing post


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