Saturday 21 April 2012


Lilac lipstick by Barry M

Hiya darlings!

Next week my friend Stine and I will be pairing up for one very awesome vlog. This is completely new for me, so I'm happy to do this with Stine. Also, I just think there's going to be more of a natural vibe, when we are two friends asking your questions. So basically: Is there anything, you are wondering about regarding me and the blog and perhaps also Stine and her blog? It could be anything from our fashionable doings to our toes (please don't ask about our toes).

Næste uge slår Stine og jeg os sammen og laver en super vlog. Så for at gøre en kort historie kortere: Er der noget, I undrer jer om mht. mig, bloggen eller Stine? Bare spørg løs - (næsten) alt godtages! :) Det er første gang jeg rent faktisk kommer til at gennemføre en vlog (har prøvet én gang før, let's not speak of this) og det gør det bare dén smule bedre, at Stine er med. Vi har en ret unik kemi sammen, så er sikker på, at det nok skal blive godt! ;)

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Sarah Mikaela


  1. Lavender lips suit you!

  2. Lavender lips look fab on you, I really want to try lavender lips on myslef. x

  3. Here are some questions for you:

    - Is there any celebrity that you are completely obsessed with?
    - Have you ever been to the United States?
    - What do you define as having good style?
    - How do you get the inspiration for your style?
    - Do you think your style is very different, from others girls you age's style?
    - What's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
    - How do you get the money to shop? Is it all just from having your blog?

    I hope you'll be able to answer (some of) them :-)

  4. ooo, nice lavender lip colour =)
    hmm how about hobbies? like do you have same hobbies with Stine? (besides fashion, online shopping ,etc.) and probably role models. I think that'll be a good one. Role models and people who we admire define a lot of ourselves so I would be pretty interested to see who your inspirations are :D


  5. oh my gosh I love your lipstick's shade;)=) and I hope that the vlog will be in english;)=)

  6. love the color of that lipstick

  7. My questions:
    - Seeing that you take pictures of your outfits and makeup, do you feel that photography has a greater impact than video, or vice versa? What are your thoughts about the strengths of images versus the strengths of video when it comes to communicating fashion?

  8. this shot is divine and remembers me on our amazing trip to London again ;)So looking forward to the vlog, I´m acutally planning to do one, too ;)

  9. love love love your photo! just found your blog – you have a great blog! Do you want to follow each other? i'm already following you on GFC! hope you will follow back!

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick


  10. Hvordan mødte dig og Stine hinanden?
    Hvad er jeres bedste minde sammen?
    Har i nogensinde været uvenner?

    - Luna :)

  11. Hvad er dine yndlingsblogs?


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