Thursday 24 May 2012

Denim Day

Denim Jacket: Vintage
Denim Shorts: Vintage Levi's
Shoes: Vagabond
Mine (left) and Stine's sunnies: Le Specs and H&M

Stine and I are getting really good at meeting up for a quick cup of coffee (in this case frappuccinos) and a big laugh! It's an endless amount of fun.

Those of you who managed to stop by the blog this morning, probably saw that I had uploaded a film from the London trip. Turns out it was blocked everywhere, so that's no fun - thanks to all of you who made me aware of the problem - fixing it asap!

Lots of super summer LOVE

Sarah Mikaela


  1. I loveee these shoes!

  2. i love your blooog! and your shoes!

    xx jasmine

  3. your shoes are so cute ♥

  4. i always like the combination of denim with denim!
    and certainly u styled everything perfectly!

  5. Yay, can't wait to be able to watch it! I love this denim on denim look :)

  6. Du kannst wirklich alles tragen! Du siehst immer schön und hübsch aus. Alles Liebe, Lilly!

  7. I love this heels;)=) and your outfits are everytime sooo cool;)=)

  8. Looks great! Love your hair!;)


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