Monday 21 May 2012

A Large, Fashionable (and super awesome) Music Post for your Ears to enjoy

It was requested, that I shared a little info regarding what goes through my ears on a daily basis. Let me tell you - I love music. Yes, yes, everyone loves music especially when it's good, but music has always been a part of my life and even though I'm more of a visual person, I'd go all gobble eyed if I couldn't play or listen to music on a daily basis. My history with music? Here it comes:

At age 6 I devoted all my attention towards the violin. Yes, the violin and I would indeed take over the world together. Guarded with resin and a very primitive version of "Jingle Bells" I was ready to enter the musical stage. This affair ended at age 7. Better end things while the crowd is craving more, eh?
Next stop, the piano. This choice was influenced by the fact that I had an accident with my fingers at age 8. A table fell on top of my hand and after some time at the hospital, I had to regain full movement and feeling in my fingers and so the piano and I would start our relationship. This turned out to be fortune in the misfortune. We've been friends ever since.
But oh no, it doesn't stop there! There is one more instrument to be mentioned - well, two if you count the obligatory recorder music classes during primary school - but that aside, it is of course the ukulele I'm referring to. It's my little happy and very portable instrument. Simply for these reasons it's amazing.

Tastewise I listen to a lot of indie and electronic music plus a little bit of folk, but really I'm into most music genres. Even classical.

Gosh, what a long post about my relationship with instruments music. I hope you enjoy some of my current favorites!

Lots of love,
Sarah Mikaela


  1. Great music! This is the first time I heard a lot of them, thanks for sharing

  2. i love when you post songs.among my all time favorites is crave you and i follow rivers(not only the remix but the original too)!


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