Thursday 17 May 2012

Wednesday's Knotted Ponytail

I rarely ever do anything to my hair. Hereby including both wearing it up or going to the hairdresser. Yes, I've had a couple of go's with the regular high ponytail, but I never truly feel comfortable this way. Last time I did it was during press week, and to be frank, it was more of an emergency call than a deliberate choice to wear my hair any different than I normally do. For a note, my hair was not speaking my language that day.

So let's get to what I actually want to talk about - this knotted ponytail I wore yesterday. Oddly enough, this was actually a deliberate choice to wear my hair differently and not just some convenient escape in order not to look like a dog's breakfast. It was a fun, easy and quick style for me to do and I actually liked this hairstyle on me!

The reason why I'm writing a minor essay about this, is because this never happens to me! I like my hair down. Always down. And occasionally also knotted. Who knew!?


Sarah Mikaela


  1. I mean it look so much fine;)=) and I have it different... I love high pony tails and rarely wear my hair just down, I hate having them in my mouth and eyes and just everywhere... =D

  2. Heeeee! I did that a lot last year! When I saw it on a blog I thought it was sooo difficult to make and then it was sooooo easy to make (haha), and it instantly looks very pro and stylish. Should do that more often! Totally forgot about it.


  3. oh my god i love it ! looks so beautiful with your blonde hair :D

  4. always such pretty snapshots of each day Sarah.
    like this bun. it's so breezy and girly hehe^^


    Style Hostess

  5. i love it! you look so pretty


  6. hey hey, yes I am :) did you already contact them? my fingers crossed!

  7. it looks great!!!

  8. Lovely hairstyle!

  9. this is so pretty!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  10. great first pic.
    love the loose ponytail
    follow me and say hello ;)
    x Hilla

  11. Soo beautiful sweetie!! So happy i've found your blog! Instant follower :)

    take care,Daniella xox

  12. I know a person who likes to let her hair down to relax more on a day's work, that's why when she tries to tie her hair it makes her look like a different person. Anyway, at least you were confident with the way you looked with the knotted ponytail coz really it suited you well.


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