Thursday 7 February 2013


Take a rocket trip to the moon with SG's mesmerizing AW13 collection. Photos: Victor Jones.

What is one without friends? This fashion week my friends were my eyes, and the Stine Goya AW13 show was seen through the eyes of Victor Jones (also boyfriend of gorgeous Laura) and his lens. 

The collection takes inspiration from George Méliès' movie Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon) from 1902. The movie was an early attempt of special effects, having the B&W motion being colorized afterwards in beautiful pastel colours, which have inspired Goya's colour palette for the next season.

The makeup was definitely also worthy of a night sky. I'd trade half of my closet for these earrings, I suspect have been made by Stine Goya's good friend jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe.

The moon by all means is one of the most mesmerizing features of the night sky seen with human eyes, and there's no doubt that this dress (metal foil?, metallic leather?), would have the same effect in a nightlife scene. However, make sure it's your party, as it cannot be avoided in this dress (put in other words, you'll steal all the lights).

Stine Goya as always has a natural flair for print and giving it a sporty feel with volumizing jackets and pants without losing it's femininity, that is essential in the brand. Accessorizing with sculptural berets, moon shaped bags and earrings just made it that more good.

A big thanks to my friends Laura and Victor for your help.



  1. Love this show and they are made up so pretty


  2. Beautiful garments and I love the makeup!

  3. Wow! Everything is so beautiful, love these photos. A really great post my dear! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. These are all so gorgeous! Can't even describe how amazing everything looks

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