Sunday 10 February 2013


I have a confession. I have become super fascinated with a new, some would say weird, mini-trend within nail-art: textured, fuzzy nails! We're not talking scattered, all messed up graffiti nails, we're talking feather soft, velvet-textured nails - think The Muppet Show!
Reading about the fuzzy nails from the Creatures Of Comfort AW13 presentation, I simply had to figure out how to recreate this on myself. Several nights of not sleeping, not eating, not speaking to a soul (you get my level of concentration) I finally came up with a solution, and now the wisdom of THE FUZZY NAILS is safely stored in this tutorial. Enjoy!

NAIL POLISH (Mine is NEON by American Apparel)
RIBBON (DK: Händler, Stof2000, Panduro)

1. Flocking powder can be bought, but it's really easy to make from ribbons, so here's a little how-to: In the ribbon you have threads going both vertically and horizontally, therefor to achieve the finest flocking powder, cut edges off and then cut diagonally in to the ribbon as shown.
2. Gather your flocking powder in a little bowl (this stuff goes everywhere!).
3. Add a coat of nail polish and quickly dip your nail into the pile of flocking powder.
4. Let it settle for a minute and start brushing off all the excess flocks to even it out.
5. You're done! (And possibly covered in fluff).

EXTRA INFO: Some would probably question the durability of these nails, to where I must say that they are surprisingly durable! My nails are still fluffy like a poodle after showering and doing dishes.
Also, if you want to do as Creatures Of Comfort did at their presentation, make your nails oval shaped.

Hope you found this fun!

SARAH MIKAELA (with green mossy nails)


  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial! So so cool! ^.^

    XOXO Sade

  2. that's something I didn't know! That American Apparel nail lack is awesome!

  3. so cool! i remember some blog doing tutorial with special manicure kit, just made for plush nails. ;--O gotta try this

  4. Looks crazy cool! Thanks for commenting:)

  5. Det MÅ jeg da prøve!

  6. Hi Mikaela! This is such a cool post! I love your blog - it's so fun and quirky! Follow each other via bloglovin?

    By the way, thanks for your lovely comment! XOXO

  7. They look amazing! Great idea! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know! Kisses <3<3

  8. So creative!! I thought those were cotton wool at first but I realised they would stick to the nail polish....definitely trying this out!

  9. I have to try these out!!:D And I LOVE the acid neon green color, babe.;)


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