Saturday 28 September 2013


Let's talk beauty. 

It's a bit of a taboo to speak openly about the fact that we all age and along with our youth-addicted-society comes an increasing wish not to. I'm 20 with only a few dimples to count as wrinkles, so you might ask, why on earth I'd bring a subject like this up. Well over summer, being reunited with a television again at mum and dad's, it came to my attention, that the pursuit of beauty and a youthful appearance through unnatural means such as botox is increasing and the consumers are getting younger and younger. Honestly, I was mortified.
I'd like to think, that when wrinkles start appearing on my face, they'll be a souvenir of the fact that I have and am living my life, and didn't conceal my emotions. However, it's far from everyone who feel this way, and I feel it important to try and bring awareness to alternative methods in keeping a healthy and youthful appearance, no matter what age you are.

Just after my surgery in January, I got to know Violetta Jepsen, who has become an incredibly dear friend to me. She practices craniosacral therapy which has helped me in my recovery, but she is also the Danish representative for Revitonica - a natural method alternative to botox with visually proven effects on achieving or maintaining a youthful appearance. She herself describes it as face-fitness - exercises you get taught so you can keep your face in shape. She showed me befores and afters of her clients, and these beautiful girls and women were all transformed in the way, they themselves wished to be. All the areas, where they could have turned to botox, but instead chose to go with a method, they could maintain themselves naturally.

And to outline my message guys, don't panic ever. You're beautiful the way you are.


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  1. honestly, how should you know what youre talking about? you look like 12.

    1. I hope you understand, that this was merely an observation of a tendency in our society, and my wish to bring awareness to an alternative, as there are many young girls doing it.

  2. You're always so, so gorgeous Sarah! Nothing to worry about :)

  3. It's gonna be such a joy watching you grow older, I am sure that you will age beautifully and as a role model for many. I find it great that already now you are aware of seeking out healthy ways of feeling great about yourself ;-) A wrinkled face can be very beautiful, it's about how you feel and take care of yourself. I always look at women like Catherine Hepburn and Caroline de Maigrait when I want to feel awesome about getting older, I'm 32 by the way ;)

  4. The obsession with youth (especially for and by women at the expense of their sanity and well being) is out of control. I remember seeing this Tom Ford ad featuring an older couple and thinking, "fucking finally" I was especially happy to see they used a GASP real life older woman instead of sticking an older man & younger woman together. Men's appearances seems to be irrelevant as they age, but women's appearances seem to make them irrelevant as they age. Infuriating to say the least. As Sarah Silverman put it, "I'm sorry I'm not dead yet!!"

  5. i definitely agree with you on all of these things, and it's not just the botox we have to worry about, it's also all of our lifestyle factors that also affect aging (smoking, drinking, etc.) you have some very good things to say about this issue, unlike asshole #1 who's hiding behind an anon mask :)
    13 FRIDAYS

  6. Just happened upon your blog! And I totally agree with you. I am 32 and am starting to notice wrinkles. My motto is always
    "Your only as old as you think you are" And the age lines on my face show my life and experiences. If I'm an 90 year old woman with a smooth face than something is seriously messed up! :) I will embrace my wrinkles continue to eat healthy and drink lots of water! I'll have to check out Revitonica, I have heard of face exercises you can do and I totally believe it would work! Loves!

  7. I need to do facial exercises. Thanks for the tips, and I love your natural spirit !



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