Thursday 29 January 2015


I have spent three days in snowy Stockholm to take part in the AW15 Fashion Week with Olympus PEN. My first dilemma when arriving to this beautiful city for the first time: should I speak Danish or English here? I found myself awkwardly juggling between the two - the languages conveniently have many similarities, but still.. One thing, that connected me to the people of the city despite our slight language differences, was the cause of my travel. Swedish fashion and Swedish design.

One thing is for certain, the 70s have returned to us!
Good news for an early 90's kid like me, who didn't get to experience that decade on close hold - but the clothes lives on, and sharing is caring after all. At the shows it was everything from double buttoned chestnut leather skirts from Fillippa K to rough textures and turtlenecks at House of Dagmar. I was especially breath taken with this textured jumper from last mentioned designer. The Swedes know what they're doing when it comes to fashion (and candy, and furniture, and the list goes on). 

I was so glad to have my PEN along with me and it was fun travelling to the Fashion Week and really put it to the test. All photos have been shot with my EPL-7, and I must say, if there's anything that makes my knees go soft about this camera, it's the remote shooting! I had some great girls to help me for the shots I'm featured in (thank you RebeccaChloĆ«!), but with the feature, I have been my own assistent a few times, and it's oh so fun.. Any who, on to the Copenhagen Fashion Week now, and so excited for the shows and people there! Make sure to follow on instagram for in-between-posts updates.

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  1. Swedish designers have been growing big and strong for the past couple of years! I love going to Stockholm and it's definitely a new fashion destination!
    I like all of the photos in this post, they're flawless! :)

  2. These photos are looking so amazing !


  3. I've always wanted to go to Stockholm, and this trip looks like it was so much fun!! /

  4. Great shots

  5. hey girl!
    i love your blog so much ♥ nice post!
    xx, Flora

  6. Wauw love this post! Was super nice to see you again in Stockholm! X

  7. U must have had a wonderful time at the Fashion Week in Stockholm, photos look absolutely amazing, ur camera has done an amazing job, I should probly get one for myself as well. Hope u didnt have much trouble with the language difference, The designs and texture seems so beautiful, I truly love double buttoned skirt xx Hope u've had a wonderful weekend xx

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  8. Haha, I had a similar situation when I went to Tallinn in Estonia. I've taken a course of Estonian, so I wondered whether I should try to speak this Finnish-Estonian mix (they are somewhat similar, but not mutually intelligible) or English. Well, some of the Estonians spoke Finnish to me, and I ended up using all the three languages. :D

    You look as stylish as ever!


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