Tuesday 20 October 2015


My mind will sometimes wander and play a good game of "what if" with me; what if I'd turned left that day instead of right - what if I hadn't bought that coffee, which led me into a conversation with a stranger - what if I hadn't posted that Instagram photo, that led me towards an amazing journey, making new contacts and friends, and as a bonus on top of everything give me the opportunity to invest in my business. It's that pinch of serendipity, or that time you said yes, when you would have otherwise said no, that can sometimes lead you towards something amazing.

So following the previous post, a little over 3 months ago, I posted a photo on Instagram entering the Fiesta Stylista competition hosted by Stylist Magazine and Ford UK. Judged by Sean de Sparengo, award winning photographer, celebrity and high fashion stylist Candice Bailey, Stylist magazine's Kitty McGee and not least the brilliant Jessie from We The People, over 500 applicants got narrowed down to 12, and ahead of us were a set of challenges to narrow the group down to 4 finalists, and I was fortunate enough to call myself one of those lucky four. The other three finalists being the lovely Olivia Purvis, Jessica Garland-Blake and Joolie Coller.

For our final challenge, we had to style three absolutely wonderful models (Sienna, Barbara and Suki) in three different AW15 trends - 80's Glam, Sweet & Sour and Decòr Dressing. We shot our covers over 3 days, giving it everything, sourcing samples from press agencies to shoot and you know me by now; I couldn't help but to incorporate vintage in every outfit.

Leading to the finale this Sunday at Stylist Live in London, we each presented our looks on the Ford Fiesta Stylista stage from Thursday to Sunday. It's been such a pleasure and honour working alongside such an amazing crew, all creative and professional, individually contributing to making this journey so unique and fun. So as a bonus to what had already been an unforgettable experience, they went ahead and surprised me and gave me the title as the winner of Fiesta Stylista 2015. Who knew, that one Instagram photo could take me here. A humble thanks to everyone who made this possible, and a huge thanks to those of you who turned up to support at Stylist Live!

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A HUGE thanks to Ford UK, Stylist Magazine, the four amazing judges, Jamie Klingler, Rush Hair, Jessica Nails, my mum and Amy Barrie for stopping up that Tuesday and snapping that IG shot.


  1. this seems like such a nice experience !


  2. You looked absolutely stunning dear!


  3. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the story. What lovely photos as usual. xxxpixi124

  4. What an amazing experience!! Sounds and looks like such fun.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. You deserved it babe! Can't wait to see you again when I'm in London next time :) x

  6. This was such a cute and lovely video

  7. Congrats! Great job and very inspiring nonetheless. ;)

  8. You did a great job and looked beautiful while doing it!
    XO ohwhatawanderlustlife.com


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