Monday 1 February 2016



It often crosses my mind, how frequently we are being sold certain lifestyles, and society let's us know exactly what is expected of us both physically and mentally. Yet when it comes to our mental health, being nuanced and diverse is the very part of our design, why there can never be a one-size fits all. Happiness isn't just something you can buy online, it's a matter of healthy thought patterns, the way you choose to think and how you deal with adversity. Now, I am no expert in human thought patterns, but I have however been observing mine for a good 20-something years now, and despite ups and downs, I've been enjoying the ride at a pretty constant high (thanks to sugar).

I've learnt so much from the mindset of my parents. I truly don't know two other people in the world as capable of turning a bad situation good. Whenever we were going through difficult times, they could somehow magically reframe it and make the glass seem even fuller than before. I also recall accidentally ruining a few things here or there in my childhood, and through guilt-filled teary eyes, I could always find my dad in all his kindness assuring me, that whatever I'd ruined was only material.

So, one of the mysteries is how to keep your overall happiness somewhat level despite hardships. For me, the most sustainable way has always been about finding happiness in many things, big as small, so it doesn't just come down to one thing to provide or define your happiness. This way, when one tire punctures, of course it sucks, but you're alright, and you're counting your blessings of having three others (plus that spare one) that work. If your entire happiness is provided by one person or one thing, feelings both good and bad will be amplified dependant on these.

Now we are creatures of habit, and if we've been used to classifying the glass as half-empty (often disguised under the name 'realist'), it can take some time to get into a more positive mindset. Surrounding yourself with positive people and messages are infectious, and help tremendously. Our lives are a story with your mind as the narrator. You'll be enjoying the story just that bit more, if you choose to look at the world through kindness and opportunity. Hardships should never define or limit you, but leave you stronger and more experienced. Nothing makes us happy as our relationships, so make sure to care and nurture your support system, those wonderful people who you will catch if they fall, and the people who will catch you if you fall.

A little mind blab from me today! Hope you have a great week ahead!



  1. Sounds like your parents did a really good job! Love this elegant look on you <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I think this is great, as things like this I have been thinking about a lot. I am trying to work on myself and my happiness, whatever that might be. But I am trying to hold myself accountable and not letting other decide my happiness for me. Life is tough but only if we let it.

  3. Such a cute post! x

  4. Beautiful

  5. So true Michaela! I could not agree more. Over the years, I have serious struggled with the definition of happiness. For a long time, all my happiness was made up of the determination to live in an exciting, faste pace big city (I do live in a big city, though not as big as e.g. London), but along the way I learned happiness is about so much more than sky scrapers, men in suits and Friday night cocktails (though I do love a great drink). My current city has taught me so much more than I ever imagined when I moved here now more than 3 years ago. All the time, I was surrounded by amazing people and amazing opportunities, but due to my state of mind, I did not see it. Today I am much more aware of the grass is not always greener on the other side (a tendency all us young kids who grew up with the globalization struggle to balance - at least me), and as long I feel happy and satisfied with myself and my life that is really all that matters. And thanks to technology, exciting adventures is only a flight away.

    Thanks for a wonderful post!

  6. well saying! x

  7. Soo lovely! Such a cute post!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  8. This post is truly amazing Sarah, I couldn't agree more!
    I love your writing on the blog and it always inspires me a lot!
    Have a great day x


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