Sunday 20 November 2016



So many things get said about perfumes, and long-brewed advice based on our grandmothers' thumb rules and women's magazines is handed out like napkins in a Happy meal. "Find one, wear one." Foreverrr. As for someone who spent her defining teenage years smelling like bio washing powder and perfume rubbed off from page 90, this rule never quite did it for me. To this day, I want something that captures me in the moment and power-poses me into my most confident self. It's more about the message I send to myself than anyone else, and should people like the scent in the air around me, that's a bonus I'll take. 

Moving on, it's a commonly known fact that faster than the concorde could take you home for Christmas, scents have a unique power to instantly transport you anywhere. More powerful than any other sense when it comes to inviting memories up for a spin, the new POP by Stella McCartney ticks all coming Christmas boxes for to me in creating new memories full of the magnetic energy behind the campaign. It gets me so excited to see such strong women as Grimes, Amandla Stenberg, Lola and Kenya Kinski-Jones as the faces of Stella McCartney's new fragrance, wherefore this campaign has me won over with its play and celebration of individuality and the healthy confidence that surrounds it.


Post done in collaboration with Stella McCartney.


  1. These photos are looking so gorgeous !


  2. Love it! Such a cute bottle xx


  3. Giiirl, these photos are superb ��

  4. need to try this fragrance!


  5. OMG that photo - when even was that!?


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