Tuesday 21 February 2017


As much as last year left my brain feeling like 30p noodles, it is a somewhat miracle that we're now sitting at the end of February. Well, most of us are standing actually, and quite unvoluntarily so, but the station I hop onto the tube at rarely offers this kind of luxury. Tube seats aside, my February brought me back to Australia after almost a couple of years of not hugging my grandparents Down Under so boy, has this been due. My days of jetlag have been spent reuniting with malted milkshakes and TimTam's whilst glazing at emails through a blurry haze. Now, if you haven't tried either of these, I'm afraid I have to break it to you, that your trip Down Under is invalid. Another one to put on your list is James Turrell's amazing Sky Space at the National Gallery of Australia placed in Canberra. I won't lie to you, Australia's capital doesn't exactly have that capital buzz, unless you take out your contact lenses and put on a VR set, but it does offer that particular gem alongside some wonderful inhabitants and great coffee shops (pop to Lonsdale Street for a great selection and some top notch charity shopping).Sticking around for another couple of weeks, and I've already decided that I'm donating everything I brought with me to fill my suitcase with TimTam's to bring back to London.

Just joking...ish


  1. Looking so lovely! Canberra looks nice and warm ;)

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. Adorable pictures and wonderful dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Looking ethereal and so beautiful in this maxi!


  4. That bag! <3 <3 <3


  5. I've never been over to Canberra, though, I've seen some of the old mid-century houses that are just a dream. Oh to find a winner! Beautiful photos. Enjoy your stay, are you planning to travel a bit while you are here?
    xx Jenelle

  6. I've only been to Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane, but next time I visit Australia I'm definitely putting Canberra on my list x


  7. Beautiful photography

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  10. This is one of my favourite posts ever! Beautiful, beautiful photography! It looks so iconic like photos from Harper Bazaar and Vogue in their best times. Place, colours, shadows, outfit and you. All is perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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  12. so stunning and beautiful!!
    love everything in this outfit <3

    xxx, Yolanda

  13. That color is gorgeous, I'm thinking of having that for my bridesmaid dresses! embroidered tunic tops


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