Saturday 30 September 2017

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but rubies are her secret. They have a certain mystery attached to their deep red colour and prove an unbeaten timelessness by living on past their store guarantee. There's a certain air of romance, empowerment and magnetism, and so using this gem as an inspiration for a fragrance, as with Michael Kors' latest Sexy Ruby, just makes for one of those perfect matches. I always find it a tricky one to convey a scent accurately, as scent so strongly plays on your personal memories and so this scent to me, merging sweet tones of apricot and raspberry with deeper more earthy notes of cashmere woods, brings me right back to summers in Denmark.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael back in July, where he dressed Tatler's English Roses for a photo series displayed at the Saatchi gallery. We spoke about Sexy Ruby that had just launched, where he mentioned that the fragrance was a source of confidence for women, and female strength and their power were part of the inspiration. Combined in this post are a few shots from their cocktail party at Tate Modern in London last week, where I got to meet some of the incredible muses behind the fragrance, Soo Joo Park, Serayah McNeill and Martha Hunt. All powerful women, it only gave me more respect for the brand and the beautiful fragrance that has come from it.

Sarah Mikaela Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Fragrance

Post done in collaboration with Michael Kors, photos assisted by always awesome Amy Barrie.


  1. You always look breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. You always look so amazing, Sarah! Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. I love rubies as well, their deep red colour is so luxurious and mysterious x

  4. need to try this new fragrance, seems very intriguing!


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  7. Great fragrance of perfume and beautiful pictures.

  8. Your Blog is so fantastic, i love it!
    Many Greetings from the italy Resort <3

  9. I'm so curious about the smell of Sexy Ruby. The package is so beautiful! I love red so much. Thank you for sharing!
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  10. Your blog is amazing! I am in love with the pictures <3
    Can you tell which program do you use for postproduction and adding text to the photos?

  11. Gorgeous photos!

    My new blog...


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