Wednesday 6 December 2017


W hen I was 5, I pulled out a rolled up green slip of paper from a pool of green slips in a local raffle, with every bit of excitement unrolling it with the size of hopes of someone who had just watched the giant flying dog in Never Ending Story, I didn't know my luck, when I opened it to find that it was... blank.

The raffle maestro handed over the tiniest porcelain pig with a four leaved clover and a lady bug painted on each side, and a cotton string to have it around my neck to bring me luck another time. That little medallion, made it to every single test or exam afterwards, holding on to the firm belief it was lucky, made me stronger for it. For this reason, the Talisman collection from incomparable DE BEERS resonated with me. For the reason, that it has the same air of being a symbol of something as fortunate and meaningful, as well as having its unique value displayed in a collection of rough diamonds different in both shape and colour, enhancing the rarity and luxury that only a diamond can. 

Magic happens in the unexpected, and DE BEERS let us in behind the scenes, showing us how diamonds come in as many varieties as the personalities of the people who end up wearing them. Both in colour, shape and clarity, only selecting the finest, they break down the fixed idea most of us have in what a diamond looks like. 

STEP INTO the Limelight.


Post done in collaboration with DE BEERS, assistance by ISABELLA TOMBINSKI-ROBB, special thanks to HOTEL CAFé ROYAL


  1. Such a sweet story! Loving the De Beers collection~

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  2. The DE BEERS Medallion fits you well. It is important to have such an amulet for luck, and even nicer when you get it from the person who cares about you.

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