Monday 6 August 2018

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Positano. Whilst I keep coming here on a return ticket, I swear the day is going to come, where it's simply a one way. Magical doesn't even cover it, mainly because these guys invented pasta, pizza and the prettiest sunsets to go with the gradient of your tan from front to back. I went to explore the beauty of this place with the intention of diving into the essence of the Wonderlust fragrance. A beautiful classical scent denoting the desire for faraway destinations with notes of Italian bergamot, pink pepper and almond milk, and just in time for the new season, the Wonderlust Eau Fresh to follow with white peony and pink grapefruit as top notes to inspire new adventures.

As with a stroke from a  paintbrush, these fragrances are crafted in a fashionable manner true to the air of the fashion house, to speak to the traveler within us that wants to seek out new horizons and explore. Being a complete fragrance nerd and collector, these two are a beautiful addition to my summer.  

Paint Brush
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Diving into the freedom of holiday, and up to the feeling of it. New locations have the fantastic ability of  washing away fears and inspire us to reach out of our comfort zone. I'm as happy in water as I am on land, however, 4th grade diving class instilled a fear in me as for diving. One first failed attempt, and I've been happy just slowly launching myself in from an edge (wearing a Michael Kors swimsuit I might add). But thanks to my friend and photographer of this trip, Tom Butler, that fear was for the first time overcome. 

In collaboration with Michael Kors. Photos done together with Tom Butler.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  2. insanely beautiful ceramic vase, insanely beautiful girl, mesmerized by the animated gif , jealous of tom again ❤

  3. ooooooooh that dress is a DREAM

  4. These pics and your editing is stunning!

  5. Agree the photos are amazing, that first one should have a prize for it's artistic balance. You've really made a new creative mark here!, well done!

  6. Stunning queen! You looks so gorgeous in every single photo.



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