Tuesday 14 January 2020

LONDON'S finest

London is a place of so many faces. I'll find myself at furniture sales in Hackney, sipping on a luke-warm formerly an iced-coffee with some sad far apart islands of tiny ice cubes that have survived my indecisive pondering, debating on whether my digitally led life really needs a magazine rack. And then there are moments like this. The rush of the major fashion weeks arrive, and the luxury of a location in central London as beautiful as Hotel Café Royal becomes exactly the calm a hectic time like this finds its fuel with. It's my prime time of work, I'm constantly on, at shows, at dinners and launches. You only have a few moments in the early am and now in the later in the pm for me, since I've recognised, that fashion parties till the early hours will be the one Jenga piece that'll make the whole thing apart. That, and I'd much rather be curled up in what I believe to be the finest bed in London, tackling the day's admin and editing. I've been coming here for years now, and I feel so at home now. Less so because of any actual resemblance to my living space, but more so due to the wonderful team at Hotel Café Royal always creating the friendliest and most accommodating surroundings.

The most inviting, tranquil spot.

With the traveling required for work, being home becomes a novelty. But when you'reThe space is the complete essence of what London can be. I've stayed here enough to know, that regardless of sun or rain, it presents London from its finest angle. Classic, but not dated. Modern, but not cold. I become so busy, that I couldn't take it all in? It's funny how we can desire things, and through our thoughts and actions send out those signals to the universe, and as it's all happening, we're standing too close to view the prosperity and blessings. A bizarity happened, when we became a 'like'-society.  


S A R A H  M I K A E L A

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