Thursday 28 April 2022


Created by Sarah Mikaela
Shot by Lyle Moxsom

Welcome to Barcelona my friends. I found myself here this weekend with Pronovias to celebrate their first show in the last two years, and you know there is nothing I love to do more than celebrate beautiful dresses. We flew out on Lyle's birthday (those of you who've been following over on Instagram now know, that I've found love!) and we had a 6am flight, meaning that for me to have any success in waking him with a birthday song, my system would have to naturally wake up before our 03.15am alarm - eek! Nevertheless, I magically succeeded to sneak in a bike (a bike!) without him knowing to cover in blankets and add a little bunting before he noticed. If making a 6am flight isn't achievement enough, sneaking in a large frame bike in the middle of the night hopefully is!

Annnyways... We made it to Barcelona and straight into show prep. Hair  by ghd and makeup by Charlotte Tilbury and fittings done by the most incredible seamstresses flown in from Italy. All lined up for an incredible night, that I - with some sweet help from this post's sponsor caffeine - managed to stay awake the whole night through.


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  2. Soooooo excited to see you back here! I hope you're enjoying it and I'm buzzing to see more :)


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