Monday 4 January 2010

Happy 2010!

photos: edited by me, mig, mich, moi :)

Happy 2010 everyone! Hope you had a wonderful evening and night and morning and so on!

There are many reasons to say happy 2010, especially when you look at the spring collections from the oh so many designers on planet earth. Seems like the designers have all entered a happy state of their lives or gone on luck pills. Either way, I'm happy they've chosen to forget the financial crisis and had a little fun with their collections!

One of the happy ones is the aussie Josh Goot. His models went down the runway in clothes that was inspired by clowns and optical mysteries. I cant imagine anything else, than that the lucky ones who went to the show left very happy. I'm gonna be inspired by these fantastic colours, and have happy days here in Copenhagen now where the january sale has started (YAY - WHOPEEE!)..

What I wouldn't give to wear those trousers you see in the mittle (I'm drooling here okay?!).

The website is for those of you drooling over this clothes with me! :)

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