Monday 4 January 2010

Sequins sequins sequins s...

Okay, so for the very last new years post! I promised to post my look, and there it is - tadaaa! Not that faboules? Oh well.. The evenings over isn't it - and I've got a whole year to figure out what I want to wear next year.. So - I've gotten bitten by the sequin-vampire - and all I see and want now is sequins.. I'll probably deny it next year - but I love them!
They require their occasion depending on what you wear, but you can't say anything but that the Balmain dress and Pucci dress are fantastic!
What I wouldn't eat to wear those!!
But anyway - while I'm drooling over the sequins, I'm going to settle with the H&M divided exclusive I got on sale :) (Oh - and the Zara shoes too!)
So for this years resolutions I'll hate I wrote in one year:
1. I'll use fabric bags instead of plastic bags (this one I'm gonna keep!)
2. I'll WILL try and make my homework aaaalll the time (this one is already coming after me since it's first day at school and my teachers are more vicious than ever!)
3. I'll never eat chocolate again... WHAT KIND OF A RESOLUTION IS THAT - TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!
4. I'll try and make a budget (since right now - I'm pretty broke!)
Goodbye resolutions - I'll see you in a year!


  1. I think that dress is actually rather fabulous.
    But no chocolate? That is bizarre.
    (It's not the best of a blog, but hey, us fashion kids support each other. )

  2. i wore the same dress for new year, is rocking! :P
    you look so nice in it!


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