Monday 4 January 2010

The trench coat is back

Your probably thinking: "AGAIN!!??" and I'm here to tell you - Yes, again! But in a new way!! Burberry - the master of all trench coats showed in their collections shiny fabric and added marked shoulders and ruffles.
Mr. Wang cut the sleeves off and Dior used many different fabrics to make the coat more versatile.
I've fallen for this Acne trench coat who made the trench coat really simple but stylish. (Psst psst - the price I put on the picture has fallen - sale!!)
So, now your probably thinking: "Why does she have a normal trench coat on the picture of herself, when she goes on blabbering about the new trench coat?!" - and to this there is a very simple answer: SALE IN ZARA (January sale has gone to my head, and found this trench coat that desperately seeked a home - Yes please!)...


  1. hi =)
    i really like your blog!!!
    your looks are grat and the pictures you post are too!!
    i´m really looking forward to reading your blog and cheking it out!

    x, melina

  2. I like your blog a lot!! I saw you on lookbook and I think like -hmmm I need to see this blog now!- That outfit is very cool, i like how you combine the shoes with the coat :)
    we follow you!

  3. You're soo adorable ! I just discovered your blog via lookbook, and I'm glad I found it !
    it's awesome =)

  4. love trenches! i think they are the essential staple of everyones wardrobe. and your particular one is quite cute i must say :)

  5. You say the trench coat is back. I say trench coats never went anywhere. They've been in fashion, in one form or another, for the past 50 years. They're not going anywhere.


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