Wednesday 10 March 2010

Uhm... ooops?

I am in love with these sunnies from the Topshop Unique S/S collection! And yours truly, might have, could have, maybe, sort of, kind of might have accidentally pressed the evil but oh so satisfying "add to bag"-button.. Funny how that accidentally happened don't you think? I just hope I'll look as great with them on as Liu Wen here.. So folks, my wonderful readers; what do you say to these? A keeper? If you love them as much as I do, I'm not surprised! And if you don't.. too late - I already pressed the "pleeeease bring these to my address"-button..
Lots of love


  1. Love the shark print tee! the whole collection is just so chic ancd edgy

  2. love this pictures & this fashion, it's so edgy and unique!

    great blog!

    check out my blog for your blog award:


  3. Awwww! These images are really cute.

    glad i stumbled upon your blog.
    thanks for sharing X


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