Monday 5 April 2010

A slight moment of clearance.. with blue eyebrows!

What do you do when your internet has broken down and you're bored to death? Go take some photos of yourself with bright blue glitter eyebrows! Hello mon cheries! I got home from the sweet island Als, and I had the brightest wishes that my internet was intact when I arrived home again... but no... No internet whatsoever, so now I am writing to you from my boyfriend's place. But now I can post some of my images from this easter.
I did these eyebrows inspired by the beautiful Raez with the blog Cheap Thrills (if you don't know it, go check it out!) and Stine Goya's S/S 10 collection. Thought it was a little bit strange to have on but it sure was fun.
Hope you all had a great Easter!



  1. Really love this! BTW you're pretty ^^

  2. wow! though its a bit strange to have blue eyebrows, i really like it! You look amazing btw :DD

  3. Wow this looks so amazing! Thank you for your sweet comment :) I love your blog, I'm a follower now!

  4. it's amazing that you can actually pull this off lovie... says a lot!


  5. What did you use?


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